FXtreme Performance

The FXtreme strategy is Formula 1 in trading. Everything is planned before start, fast and quick with the decisions during the race, with strictly determinated and calculated risk in advance. Most of the time, the winner at the end.

The performance presented in this page have made by Mario Urlic, all in 2017 with various trading accounts and leverages.

“FXtreme Aggressive x2”

FXtreme 30K

“FXtreme Aggressive x2”

FXtreme 30K-2

“FXtreme Aggressive x2”

FXtreme 9K

“FXtreme Aggressive x3”

FXtreme 3,5K

“FXtreme Aggressive x4”

FXtreme performance 10K x4

“FXtreme Aggressive x5”

FXtreme 50K

“FXtreme Aggressive x10+”

FXtreme x10+